Learn how an online Master from abroad works:

Understand how an online master’s degree works and see where to study so that your degree is recognized in the market!
The master’s degree is a strict postgraduate program that can be done in the following modes: face-to-face, semi-face and distance. A master’s degree lasts an average of two years and at the end of this period the student must defend a dissertation to obtain the master’s degree.

There are two types of online masters:


Academic Master: it focuses on the academic environment, deepening techniques and scientific knowledge to train researchers and university teachers.

Professional Master: focuses on professional qualification, improving scientific and research knowledge for the labor market. Professional teachers can also teach in universities.

How online master work

As with any face-to-face postgraduate degree, online master’s degrees must have a higher education degree. The list of required documents and the selection process varies by institution and may include, among other steps:

• Analysis of the curriculum vitae;
• face-to-face or virtual tests;
• virtual or in-person interview.

The methodology of the online master’s courses also varies by program and institution. It is important to ask about the type of activity and the time required before registering to know what to expect and to better organize your study time.

In order to offer an online master’s course, the educational institution must be recognized and authorized in the country of origin.

Online master, is it valid?

Yes. The master’s degree obtained in the distance education course is worth as much as the face-to-face degree, provided that the course has been authorized by the State Department of Education of the country of origin. Both the academic master and the professional master ONLINE confer the same title: MASTER..

With a recognized online master’s degree, you will can:

• Teach in higher education,
• Apply for a job vacancy in a public or private company that requires that degree,
• Enroll in a doctoral program (online or in person).