Bachelor of Theology

Course offered 100% online

Duration: 8 semesters – 4 years

Hours: 2,980 hours

Curriculum matrix: Bachelor of Theology (download)

TRAINING BASE: The Bachelor of Theology at the World Ecumenical University, WUE, has as a formative basis the constitutive foundations of the construction of the human and religious phenomenon from the perspective of theological contribution, considering the human being in all its dimensions, as well as development full of the person, formation for citizenship and adequate qualification for work, through the development of educational practice, interdisciplinary projects and contextualizations that enable the formation of the theologian.

In this way, it provides the theologian with a theoretical and practical orientation in the areas of their formation, seeking to adapt them to the needs of religious and non-governmental organizations, and to overcome them to the extent that pastoral practice and the development of theological research point towards new knowledge and alternatives.

OBJECTIVES: The WUE Bachelor of Theology course aims to train the academic to (1) understand the concepts relevant to the specific field of theological knowledge and establish the appropriate correlations between these and the practical situations of life; (2) integrate various areas of theological knowledge, to develop models, analyze themes, and interpret data in harmony with the theological object of study; (3) analyze, reflect, understand and critically describe religious phenomena, articulating religion and other cultural manifestations, pointing out the diversity of religious phenomena in relation to the historical-social process; (4) promote reflection, research, teaching, and the dissemination of knowledge; (5) exercise public presence, constructively interfering in society from the perspective of the transformation of reality and the valuation and promotion of the human being.

COURSE STRUCTURE: The curricular contents of the WUE Theology career are organized into four major thematic axes that complement each other:

1- Axis of fundamental formation: Fundamental Disciplines of Theology (1,760 hours).
2- Axis of interdisciplinary training: Disciplines of General Knowledge (680 hours).
3- Axis of Theoretical – practical training: Theoretical – Practical Disciplines (340 hours).
4- Axis of Complementary training: Complementary training activities (200 hours).

In total there are eight periods of six months each: 40 Disciplines.

GRADUATE PROFILE: The graduate of the Bachelor of Theology from the World Ecumenical University, WUE, at the end of his course, will be able to exercise community service, with an ethical and civic stance guided by theological reflection, he will be able to give religious assistance to groups of collective boarding school , will be able to act as a theologian in the different spheres of the religious community, train the theologian who will be available for dialogue with other religious traditions and as a researcher who will strive to systematize and consolidate a theology that dialogues with society in its religious and cultural plurality.