Health Management

Objectives of the Program

Position yourself as a true leader in health management.

It takes a unique set of skills and experience to be successful in today’s complex healthcare environment.

This Master includes courses in leadership and organizational management, health policy and health systems, and also offers training in accordance with changes in the external and internal environment of society and in line with scientific and technological advances. All this through theoretical knowledge, analysis of practical cases and exercises that allow the student to advance in the understanding of health in its main areas of expertise.


If your career goal is to find a high-level and fast-growing position in Health Management, you will need to complete a master’s degree. This specialized career program prepares our students for a variety of advanced careers in a dynamic and rapidly changing field.

This Master’s degree aims to contribute to training with a high-level academic program, which allows students to develop reflective, critical and humanistic thinking, both for people who have a clear interest in specialization with a broad and applied approach, as for recently graduated students. looking to start in one of them.

The Master in Health Management has an innovative academic articulation, focused on the development of scientific knowledge and research, with the aim of generating skills and sustainable solutions to respond to the needs of public health professionals. .

Our teaching team includes full-time faculty, along with seasoned professionals who are adept at relating virtual classroom theory to the reality of the workplace.

The Stricto Sensu Master in Health Management goes beyond the traditional MBA program, applying business management disciplines to specialized practices in the Health Sector.