Legal Sciences - Criminology



The issue of violence assumes, at national and international level, a growing importance in terms of the relevance of research and theoretical refinement that projects new ways of acting. It corresponds to the explicit demand of contemporary society, confronted daily with extremely serious and complex problems. However, a coherent approach to the subject requires the co-participation of representatives from a wide range of fields of knowledge, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminology, anthropology, history, philosophy, psychiatry, sociology, among others, because it is not possible to conduct research on such complexity but being carried out in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner.

On the other hand, the interdisciplinary emphasis requires an institutional commitment and full availability of dialogue between teachers and students who are in tune not only with the urgency of the subject, but also with the specificities of the articulation between academic production and society.


Research lines

• Contemporary criminal-legal systems
• Violence, crime and public safety

The original area of concentration of the program (Violence), fully consolidated, which guides research into the various forms of violence in contemporary social complexity, is now reaffirmed by emphasizing the various forms of intervention by punitive agencies (Penal System). Investigation into the fields of crime, criminal prosecution and prosecution, in interaction with psychiatry, anthropology, sociology and philosophy, adds real interest to national public policies, fully justifying the proposal of the Master.

The area of concentration is circumscribed by the theme Penal System and Violence, which fuses the basic fields of reflection of the Criminal Sciences, contemplating the analysis and understanding of life in society in its most fundamental aspects.